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Shoeing a nervous or difficult horse is often a daily occurrence that many farriers come across. However more and more often now feeding a carrot or giving them a haynet isn’t quite enough to keep them distracted, and using medical means isn’t something a lot of owners or farriers want to turn to. So have you considered using something different like a Horslyx Mini?

Mini Horslyx is the perfect choice for horse owners who want to reward, distract (or bribe!!) their horse or pony with a nutritious alternative to sugary treats. The product comes in a simple tub, the perfect size to hold in your hand and unlike other treats this means it cannot be easily broken or snatched from your hand.

Many farriers have begun to use the product as a distraction when shoeing difficult horses as the licking and chewing action the product provides keeps even the most stressed of horses thinking about something else. It is easy to use and can be held by the owner throughout the whole shoeing experience – however long it takes.

Available in four different formulations, Original, Mint, Garlic and Respiratory each 650g tub contains a three-day supply of the unique Horslyx Balancer formulation, so whilst the horse feels it is receiving a treat they are also receiving vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help balance any deficiency in their diet. A perfect combination for owners who don’t want to give their horse endless sugary treats!